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Has Your Zodiac Sign Really Changed?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Take a deep breath. Your zodiac sign has NOT changed. You’re still the sign you thought you were when you woke up this morning. Don’t hang up your bull horns and pretend you’re not stubborn, Taurus. Don’t trade in your sexy black negligee just yet, Scorpio. No reason to be meek, Aries. You’re still an adventurer, Sagittarius. But if you were duped by this morning’s “OMG you’re not the sign you thought you were!” story that’s gone viral on the web, consider yourself in plenty of company.

This is merely a false meme that rears its head every few years. (See this story from 2007). Sometimes, bored editors dig up conspiracy theories to draw traffic — that’s what’s happened here. Amazing, with all the important stuff happening in the world (massive floods, fishes and birds falling from the sky, attempted political assassinations, etc.) Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, the current incarnation of the myth is burning up BlackBerries worldwide. […]