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Astrology’s Big Moment


Last week the world freaked out when a Minnesota astronomer sent out a press release stating that the zodiac signs had shifted over time and, surprise, you’re not the sign you thought you were. Even more shocking, there was now a new zodiac sign — Ophiuchus.

Thanks to the power of the internet, the press release went viral and people whom I never thought would care about astrology were suddenly losing their stuff. Mainstream American news like CNN and MSNBC even devoted prime time to this allegedly new revelation. Well known astrologers like Susan Miller breathlessly went on air to refute the ill conceived press release. I fielded emails from friends and colleagues who wanted to know if it was true.

The Saturn Sisters were quick to point out in their great post on that this was a myth, but the damage was done. People were confused and indignant. And like the head of a hydra, more and more media outlets propagated the myth of the 13th sign despite attempts to clarify by the astrological community.

“So now I’m a Pisces?” an Aries sun sign incredulously asked. […]

Saturn/Pluto and the Heart of Darkness

When the Twin Towers were struck down on 9/11/2001, Saturn, in Gemini (The Twins) was opposing Pluto, in righteous Sagittarius. When Saturn meets Pluto, we experience the heart of darkness, and are forced to face our deepest fears, and our very will to live. Pluto purges secrets, personal and collective.

In the months after 9/11, living in NYC was bleak. We were fed a constant diet of fear; from color-coded terror alerts to anthrax scares, to our soldier’s first footsteps on the ground in Afghanistan. We were bullied into the Patriot Act and gave up our civil liberties. Next came a war of choice against a manufactured enemy. […]

Fascism: Pluto in Capricorn Style

We’ve warned during the last few years of a new form of fascism on the rise in the USA. Not the fake fascism touted by the tea-bagger movement, but the kind that merges corporate interests with human interests. The kind that Naomi Wolf talks about in her book The End of America. Since Capricorn holds dominion over corporations, and Pluto is the force that rolls over us like a WWII era tank of destruction, the years between 2008 and 2023 are already turning out to be much more than “interesting times”. […]

The Alchemy of the Saturn/Pluto Square: Transforming This Heavy Lead into Gleaming Gold

In these tough times that seem to be getting tougher every moment, it’s hard to see the light peaking through the cracks of our dark Platonic/Plutonian cave. In an era marked by Pluto in Capricorn, the American Pluto Return, and its 8th Saturn Return, it feels like we’re living on a constant diet of fear, panic, and rage. Our corporate/religious monoliths are threatening to swallow us whole. We are finally figuring out that we’re humans, not merely consumers, and we’re all moving through this massive and chaotic birth canal together. No wonder we’re scared shitless. […]

Mourning in Iran

Still following the brilliant Huffpo blogger Nico Pitney, who wrote last night: 1:28 AM ET — The mourning rally. Thursday is gearing up to be a hugely significant day for the Green Uprising. Reza Aslan appeared on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show tonight, and laid out the importance of what is going to happen: What’s really fascinating…

The Revolution Will Be Digitized

I’ve been following the tireless and brilliant Huffington Post blog tended to by one Nico Pitney all weekend. Of all the raw sources (Twitter, YouTube) I have found that Pitney’s edits are spot-on, always gripping, and full of empathy. Tonight he posted a photograph from AP of protestors during the 1979 Revolution, again evoking the wildly…

Tea Bagging with Pluto in Capricorn

The “tea party” movement currently being promoted by Fox News and Co. is mildly hilarious. Rachel Maddow, The Daily Show and Keith Olbermann have skewered the Republicans for being too square to know how to use Google and thus avoid making total fools of themselves. What no one has talked about is the eerie connection it all has…

Saturn Vs. Uranus: The Smackdown II

Saturn and Uranus are squaring off once again, and this time it’s frighteningly serious. Protest is rising all over Europe, the likes of which we haven’t seen in many, many years. There are strikes in the UK, riots in Greece, Latvia, Iceland, and major problems elsewhere. The urgent need for change is taking root in city…