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day 37 egypt

PHOTO: CHRISTIAN DIOR EXHIBIT IN PARIS     November 13-19,  2017 Aries: This week is rife with intense astrology from the get-go, Aries. On Monday Venus and Jupiter make everything feel exaggeratedly sexy, so get your flirting game on. You’ll be helped by Mercury and Neptune later in the day – just watch out for…

Last Quarter Moon in Leo Horoscopes

· 6-12 November Weekly ·


Aries: Romance and creativity are the focus of the week, Aries. The Last Quarter Moon lights up your love zone and sets your world of dating, mating and relating on fire. It’s also ideal for self-expression and finishing up creative projects. Pleasure is another operative word now, so be sure to get more of that….

Full Moon in Taurus Horoscopes

· Weekly 30 October - 5 November 2017 ·


    Happy Halloween–Samhain, darlings! We’re building up to the Full Moon in Taurus which brings us into the depths of the Taurus-Scorpio axis. What must be destroyed in order to rebuild and recreate? Who are your ride or dies? Are you living your passion? Do your relationships match your values? Are you ready to…


day 16 mask

  With so many planets in Scorpio this week, including the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter but all answering to Mars in Libra, we’re in a very interesting relationship dance. Jealousies, possessiveness, competition and other intriguing shadow energies may be rearing their heads now. As long as you’re willing to get real with your own BS,…


riad room pink

We start the week with Lilith conjunct the Galactic Center. Mother Nature, Mother Goddess, Ma is lit! Women will no longer be silenced. #metoo is the resounding anthem of the week! It’s time to take back our power, men and women by embracing the fierce feminine within. No more demeaning, disrespecting, or dissing the Goddess….

Full Moon in Aries Horoscopes

Full Moon in Aries

Aries Diva, Diana Ross (Illustration by Elisandra Sevenstar)   In the spirit of iconic firebrand Diana Ross, we are definitely “Upside Down” this week. And as another favorite Aries icon, Bette Davis would say, “Fasten your seatbelt….” This week is not kidding! We have the potent Venus-Pluto trine on Tuesday to empower our most intimate and…

Weekly Horoscopes Sept 25th to October 1st

Rita hayworth

Libra Icon: Rita Hayworth   We are officially in the Libra season where the quest for more beauty, harmony, relationships, socializing and justice prevail. The big news of the week is the third and final opposition between Jupiter in Libra (for his final run before moving onto Scorpio on Oct 10th) and Uranus in Aries…


virgo image

  (Image by 9 Honey) WEEKLY HOROSCOPES BY THE SATURN SISTERS September 18-24, 2017  We’re feeling work, work, and more work as our projects and process take top priority this week. The Devil is definitely in the details now as we have a whole conglomeration of planets in hard-working and health-obsessed, Virgo. On the same…

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini Horoscopes


  Weekly Horoscopes 11-17 September Aries: You’re a proverbial chatterbox this week, Aries. It’s a text until you drop kind of week. The Last Quarter Moon is in Gemini, the sign of writing and communication. Now is the time to finally crank out that novella, or at least catch up on bills and correspondence. Mercury…