Horoscopes for the Week of April 17th, 2017

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Weekly Horoscopes for April 17 – 23, 2017

The Sun moves into the grounded and peaceful terrain of Taurus, a much welcome anchor to the current retrograde madness we are experiencing. Mercury retrogrades back into Aries on Thursday, the same day that Pluto  stations to go retrograde in Capricorn. The atmosphere is quite loaded and requires special care and patience now. Listen deeply and love harder. Choose peace and nonviolence by all means.


Something solid returns this week, Aries. Face it – you’ve been swirling around in fiery chaos lately, and although you’ve been deeply passionate, you’re ready to find the ground beneath your feet again. The good news is that when the Sun moves into Taurus on Wednesday, that’s exactly what will happen. Finances are your major area of concern for the next four weeks – build a strategy to make more cash and you’ll be able to afford the pretty spring things you desire. Note that your ruler Mars is moving into Gemini on Friday, creating a fast-pace for your talking/thinking/texting zone between now and early June.


Transformation is in the air this week, and it’s the kind that you’ll adore. You’re not usually that fond of change, but when it’s kind that the stars are about to bring you, you’ll probably be all for it, Taurus. The Sun is coming to your own stars on Wednesday, initiating your birthday month. For the next four weeks you’re the star of stars, so start celebrating even if you’re a May-born Bull. Not only is it your time to shine, but your ruler Venus just went direct at the end of last week, so life will begin to move forward, bit by beautiful bit.


Retrograde season is still in effect, but at least your love life got some relief late last week – Venus is now direct. This week’s astro-news includes a change of signs for the Sun on Wednesday. For the next four weeks, your house of dreams and psychic power is lit up. Your intuition is extra powerful, Gemini, so trust what you feel before you overthink it. Your first instinct is likely to be your best instinct. There’s more: Mars, the planet of passion, is moving into your own stars on Friday. Your pace is about to quicken, and it will be on hyper-speed through early June.


The stars unwind this week, allowing you to find your inner chill again. With Venus now in direct motion, love and life are lighter and sweeter. Plus, the Sun moves into the earthy, solid sign of Taurus on Wednesday – which is a very friendly position for you. For the next thirty days, your house of friends and goals is illuminated, bringing lots of dynamic energy for networking. Both personal and professional relationships can benefit now – it’s perfect for setups and collaboration. With Mars moving into your house of dreams on Friday, prepare for an active inner life between now and early June. Note: insomnia is possible.


Things are about to shift in a significant way – but at least it won’t be sudden or shocking. The stars have brought loads of instant change lately, and it’s been a bit unsettling at times. Now that the Sun will shift into steady, solid Taurus on Wednesday, everything should be calmer. This is particularly beneficial for your career, Leo – the next four weeks were made for planting seeds for your professional future. When Mars the planet of passion moves into your networking zone on Friday, expect an uptick in your relations with friends and colleagues. This lasts through early June.


The stars are shifting into a position that will make you a lot more comfortable this week, Virgo. In still more good news, Venus went direct in your relationship zone just over the weekend, so partnership issues will continue to stabilize and improve. On Wednesday the Sun moves into Taurus, an earth sign like your own, putting you in your own element for the next four weeks. This is an ideal time to get on the road or to at least strategize your next trip (hopefully abroad). You’re uber-adventurous now. Mars moves into your career zone on Friday, revving up your professional prowess through early June.


Your astrology gets seriously sexy this week, Libra. First off, your love life began to improve last weekend, after your ruler Venus went direct – that positive juju continues into this week. Then on Wednesday the Sun moves from your relationship zone to your house of intimacy, making you crave the deepest kind of closeness with your partner. If you’re single you’ll surely be swiping right for the next four weeks. Mars, the planet of passion and action, moves into your travel zone on Friday and stays there through early June. Prepare yourself for some seriously aggressive wanderlust!


Relationships are where it’s at this week, Scorpio. With the Sun moving into your partnership zone on Wednesday, the next four weeks are dedicated to dating, mating, and relating. Current relationships can improve or at least undergo some scrutiny. And if you’re single, you might just meet someone special during the next month. Your ruler Mars moves into Gemini on Friday, igniting your deepest desires between now and June. Having the planet of passion and action in your intimacy zone we’ll definitely rev up your libido considerably. And with Venus now in direct motion, your love life is about to improve overall.


Life is looking up, Sagittarius. To start things off, Venus just went direct last weekend. This will end the brutal cycle of self-doubt and lovelorn miscommunication from the last few weeks.  By Wednesday, the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus, setting you up for four weeks of excellent productivity. Note that Mercury is still retrograde, so not every detail will be smooth, but at least you’ll get a lot done. The other big astro-news arrives on Friday, when Mars, planet of action and drive, moves into your relationship zone. Between now and early June you might be a bit relentless about love and partnership.


Life is changing in the very best way this week, Capricorn. That’s because the Sun moves into a fellow earth sign on Wednesday. For the next four weeks you will be a bit stronger, steadier, and more stable. Not only that, but romance and creativity will be squarely on the table. ”Capricorns just want to have fun” is not a phrase that anyone has ever uttered before, but it defines your life for the next month. When Mars moves into Gemini on Friday, your productivity soars. You are more motivated than you’ve been in a while, and this powerful drive lasts through early June.


The astro-vibe shifts this week, Aquarius. Venus is finally moving forward, opening doors for your love life (not to mention your finances). The fire that has dominated your world for more than a month is now about cool down, and frankly that’s just what you’ve been waiting for. On Wednesday the Sun moves into Taurus, bringing your energy and attention back home. Family and domestic activities are really important to you for the next four weeks. Action-planet Mars moves into your house of love, creativity, romance and pure, unbridled fun. Between this Friday and early June, let passion be your guide.


Life is looking solidly up, Pisces. Let’s start with the fact that Venus (planet of love and beauty) just went direct in your own sign. That’s a really sweet place to begin. On Wednesday, the Sun goes into Taurus, which rules your communication zone. Mercury, of course, is still retrograde, but there will indeed be a flurry of talking, texting and (over)thinking for the next four weeks. Don’t let your mind get the best of you. Mars moves into Gemini on Friday, bringing intense focus to your home zone between now and early June. Pay close attention to your family – and friends that feel like family.

Sherene Vismaya Schostak

Sherene Schostak, M.A. is a Jungian analyst, author and metaphysician who specializes in helping creative artists transform their addictions and creative blocks. She is a professional astrologer in private practice in San Francisco and New York City for the past eighteen years. http://sherenevismaya.com/.