Horoscopes for the Week of February 12th through the 18th

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PJ Harvey, Libra Goddess (for Valentine’s Day’s Libra Moon)


It’s so good to be an Aries this week! You’re red hot with the sizzling combo of both Mars and Venus doing your bidding at the moment. Plus, the lunar influence supports all things partnership and romance, especially during the first half of the week. The second half of the week is about going deep and seeking truth. Finally, you’ll be so ready to check out and vacay after the new Sun cycle starts on Saturday. The next few weeks are all about escapism and beaches. It will be nearly impossible to focus on work or anything mundane. You’ll need loads of glamorous distractions to see you through, darling.


The stars are super sweet just in time for V-Day, Taurus! Just be sure you don’t get so caught up in work that you forget to book time out for your beau. Too much work and no play, makes for one grumpy bull. You’re feeling crazy-pushed to finish everything as fast as possible which could lead to burnout. You’ll be desperate for some deep one-on-one time by Wednesday when the Moon enters your opposite stars so steer clear of the crowds. The big solar shift takes place this Saturday when the Sun highlights your social world and long-term goals. You are after the big dreams this year and nothing less!


February has some fabulous star alignments, especially true for V-day! The Moon is lighting up your romance zone right on Feb 14th and bringing all of the candy hearts, flowers and presents—lucky you, Gemini! Work steals you away during the second part of the week, so get the celebrations on the calendar first and foremost. The biggest news of the week arrives on Sunday as the Sun moves right on up to the top of your chart to shine brightly on your career. You will be the “it” girl for the next few weeks. Get your big projects on the map!


You adore holidays, and the more sentimental the better! Luckily this year’s V-Day promises not to disappoint. That said, the two days after V-Day are actually your most romantic days of the week. So if you have to put off your love celebration until Wednesday or Thursday, by all means go for it! You’ll be feeling more like a homebody during the first few days of the week. On Saturday, the Sun lights up your world of travel and long-distance adventure. Have your passport at the ready. As much as you adore your cozy sanctuary, you’ll be so ready to jet over the next few weeks.


Let love rule this week, Leo. Then again, what else is new? Not only is it Valentine’s Day, but you’re feeling all full of fire and passion. Sparkling conversation is your idea of an amazing V-Day date with the Moon lighting up your talk zone on the 14th. If your celebrations take place later in the week, you’ll be happiest keeping it cozy at home with your beloved. The romantic vibes continue all the way through the weekend, so you can easily prolong the V-day goodness all week long. Plus, on Saturday the Sun moves into the most glamorous and dreamy sign (Pisces) of the zodiac for the next month. Life is but a dream!


Love and drama are in the air this week in full supply. Money talks this V-Day (the Moon will be lighting up your cash zone) so pray your beloved doesn’t cheap out or you’ll likely take it as a total insult/turn-off. It’s not that you’re a material girl per se, it’s just that you demand high quality in all that you give and receive. Let this be a known fact to anyone who wants to claim your heart. Conversations run deep during the second half of the week. If you’ve been dying to have “the talk,” now is your prime opportunity. On Saturday, the Sun will move into your opposite stars and illuminate your love life for the next several weeks.


Valentine’s Day is here and has your name written all over it, Libra. Not just because you’re known to be the most romantic sign in the zodiac either. The amazing news is that you’ve also got the good fortune of having the Moon in your very own stars right on V-Day. You’re totally in your element and your chocolate-covered wishes are the cosmos command. Your focus shifts from relationships and love to money after Thursday. Let the early part of your week be the fantasy and the party. On Saturday, the Sun changes signs and so does your focus. After weeks of fun and pleasure, the work is calling.


Your inner romantic is at the ready this week, Scorpio! For you desires run deep and most exceed the usual candy hearts and flowers routine. You’re after nothing short of soulmate level partnering this V-Day. You are not one to settle and would rather go solo than go shallow. The Moon will move into your stars late Wednesday night and put you in your intense, do or die best straight through until the weekend. On Saturday, the Sun will move into your love zone and light up romantic possibilities for the next month. You don’t date, you mate but true love is definitely in the stars now, Scorpio.


This Valentine’s Day is totally on point for Sadge gals! You’ve got both Mars and Venus kicking up a fierce love storm in your romance zone all month long. Your social side is strong during the first half of the week, so spending V-Day with more than just your beloved might be just the thing! If you’re a single Sadge, your friends will totally hook you up. The Moon will move into your fiery stars in time for the weekend. The Sun will move into your home zone starting on Saturday initiating a more introverted streak than you’ve felt in a minute. It’s a good time to get back to your roots.


The world has you all entrenched at the moment but love is calling, Capricorn! Put down the newspaper and that project list and think chocolates and flowers. If you’re a single goat, the stars support your social world and this can only expand your opportunities for meeting that someone special. The super social vibe continues throughout the weekend, so let the celebrations continue. The Sun will shift signs and highlight communication starting on Saturday. After weeks of obsessing over finances, you can get back to feeding your head with wonderful ideas, new forms of learning and conversations galore.


Your romantic fever pitch was actually last week, Aquarius (remember that whopper of a Full Moon?) Alas, that doesn’t preclude you from a lovely V-Day. this week You’ll just be more inclined to a less emotional and dramatic version of the sentiments to balance out last week’s fervor. Plus, career interests compete for your attention this week as the Moon moves up to the tip-top of your chart. The other big shift of the week comes when the Sun leaves your fair stars on Saturday. The next phase is all about your money situation and getting your finances in prime condition.


You’re a total sucker for all things romantic and swoon-worthy. This is so your kind of week, darling. Not only is it V-day, but you’ll have the stars aligning to bring you dreaminess on every level. You’re feeling decadent for the big flower and candy day, but it won’t stop there. You have big, better, best on your mind all week long. The Sun will move into your stars on Saturday for the next month. Give yourself all of your favorite fantasy things from extra beauty rest to movies, to music to dancing. Glamour is yours 24-7 for the next few weeks, Pisces.

Sherene Vismaya Schostak

Sherene Schostak, M.A. is a Jungian analyst, author and metaphysician who specializes in helping creative artists transform their addictions and creative blocks. She is a professional astrologer in private practice in San Francisco and New York City for the past eighteen years. http://sherenevismaya.com/.