New Moon in Pisces Eclipse Horoscopes

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Come as you are, as you were
As I want you to be
As a friend, as a friend
As a known enemy

Take your time, hurry up
Choice is yours, don’t be late
Take a rest as a friend
As an old

Memoria, memoria
Memoria, memoria

Come doused in mud, soaked in bleach
As I want you to be
As a trend, as a friend
As an old

Memoria, memoria
Memoria, memoria

When I swear that I don’t have a gun
No I don’t have a gun
No I don’t have a gun–Kurt Cobain (Pisces incarnate)

We are right in the midst of the next Venus Retrograde where issues around feeling lovable, beautiful and valuable are amped up x 1000. The operative word for this upcoming Venus Rx is DESIRE. Do your desires bring you deeper into your own truth and feelings or take you further outside in the realm of the hungry ghosts? Chasing addictions that leave you empty, drained, defeated and caught in an endless pattern of re-enactment?

Over 40 days and 40 nights we will work together to uncover every psychic knot that comes between the ego and LOVE….. especially Self-Love, and the subtle and not-so subtle ways we value or undervalue ourselves.


We are taught to believe we will find happiness in the “other” when as Rumi so eloquently explains, “Lovers don’t finally meet, they are in each other all along.”

Rituals for the upcoming P40 Venus Include:

Glamour Magic:

How to rock the room–a meeting—and your life!


The reading of tea leaves. Special rituals for tea time,
relaxation, and finding your fate at the bottom of the cup.

Mirror Magic:

How to work with mirrors- anointing mirrors, special
symbolism, working with the mirror as ally.


To help you move out of negative thoughts and back into
openness and receiving.


Magnetism, clearings, body consciousness, balancing,
Love and Prosperity Manifestation.
Self Portraits:

Looking at Self, feelings, and inner landscapes
through the eye of a lens.

Space is limited: Join us here:

P40::35: VENUS RX

Weekly Horoscopes

February 27 to March 5th


This week is nothing short of tsunami level change. Just when you have barely gotten your land legs, along comes another tidal wave of an eclipse to take you down. Steer clear of paranoia, projections and other such destructive relationship potentials. Everyone is hyper-sensitive, including you. The line between reality and crushed feelings is blurry to say the least. Try not to overreact before you have all of the facts, or at least the tone of voice. In other words, avoid text messaging your feelings no matter what. Luckily you’ve got the Moon firing up your stars from Monday night through Wednesday. Plus, Tuesday brings a super sweet romantic vibe/inspiration to help offset some of the recent emotional turmoil. Friday brings the story of the year: Venus Retrograde in Aries. Old love dramas are about to resurface in dramatic fashion over the next six weeks. Ready yourself, darling.


The New Moon Solar Eclipse sets a rather emotional tone for the entire week. You adore grounding and stability, but this energy is the exact opposite. Chaos is inevitable despite your best efforts to keep it all cool, calm and collected. When dramas flare, you might opt to sit it out. Life will start to mellow a bit after Thursday when the Moon moves into your placid and peaceful stars. The big news of the week is the Venus Retrograde which starts this Friday. You feel this intense reversal of a love story plot more than most as Venus is your guiding star. Old flames will do everything in their power to sneak back into your life over the next six weeks.


All is subject to change this week, Gemini. Especially on the professional front. Your career is about to undergo a serious metamorphosis between now and September. This is just a little preview at the seed level of massive alterations that will unveil themselves over the next six months. If that isn’t enough drama, add in the impending Venus Retrograde which also lands this week. Love, money and values are about to undergo some serious reversals. Luckily, you’re the most flexible of the signs and can weather even the craziest of emotional storms like a pro. Keep your wits about you, darling.


Calling this an emotional week is the understatement of the year, Cancer. The New Moon Solar Eclipse sets off the week on a super sensitive note. It’s way too easy to take everything to heart even when logic tells you otherwise. The empathic part of your nature that feels everything that everyone else if feeling or refusing to feel is dominating the show now. Watch for emotional eating binges and crying jags. At least won’t be alone in the feels. Everyone seems to be losing their minds and chaos abounds. Couple this with the upcoming Venus Retrograde at the end of the week, and trust that everything old is new again. Reversals are the norm now.


Life is rather upside down and sideways now, Leo. It’s ridiculously messy out there compliments of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the air. Change is the only constant for the next six months. Everything is shifting and probably faster than you can actually track. Your fixed nature has a love-hate relationship with life’s inevitable alterations to your norm. Trust that all that is exiting is simply preparing the way for something even more fabulous. If it’s it not up to Leo queen-worthy standards, it’s time to trash it. Reality and fantasy are completely blurred now. Don’t trust appearances.


Relationships are about to undergo a dramatic shift this week,Virgo. The New Moon Solar Eclipse (Sunday) is part one of the big news of the week and the Venus Retrograde is Part 2 (on Saturday). Translation: everything you thought you knew about your love life is now subject to change—for better or worse. The more flexible and creative your approach to the impending shape-shifting vibes around love, relationships and romance, the better. You’ll be way more consumed by matters of the heart than work for a change. That’s actually exactly what the doctor ordered, so don’t fight it.


This week is chock full of questions but very few answers. Yes, as if indecision wasn’t already the bane of your existence, Libra. Your daily world of scheduling, routines and rituals gets inundated with chaos compliments of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in effect all week. Your best strategy is going with the flow rather than trying to control the uncontrollable. You’ll also have to let go of any plans of feeling grounded and balanced. Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Venus Retrograde is the other big news starting on Saturday and rocking your romantic world. Old love stories get recycled now.


Intensity, passion and urgency are the themes of the week, Scorpio. This week’s New Moon Solar Eclipse is nothing short of an emotional landslide, especially when it comes to love. You have been feeling the energy build for weeks and now you’re ready to begin anew. There is a strong push to release all that no longer serves you both creatively and romantically. So much is shifting and dissolving in preparation for a brand new chapter that will take the next six months to completely unfold. Watch, wait and take note of deep changes in your midst. This Saturday’s Venus Retrograde brings an interesting reversal in your current romantic plot.


Change can be swift and overwhelming this week, Sadge. Thankfully, you’re one of the most adaptable and adventurous signs in the zodiac, so you do well even in chaos. The New Moon Solar Eclipse sets a mushy and emotional tone for the whole week. You’re probably happiest at home these days which is rather out of character for you. You’re truly craving soul time which includes books, films and listening to music solo. This Saturday another big astro-even bookends the eclipse, Venus starts her six-week retrograde story. Watch for the return of old lovers or flames to make a comeback.


Change can be super messy, Capricorn. As much as you feel compelled to hold down the fort and keep it steady, that’s not even an option now. Let loose and let the chips fall where they may. You’re best strategy is to embrace chaos like the dancing star you are. If you stay to micromanage or force outcomes, you’ll only make situations messier. It’s better to take a hands-off, come what may approach when navigating this week’s rather treacherous emotional waters. There’s really no getting off without a few tears— but you won’t be alone. Everyone is losing their cool this week.


Money is leaking out of your account like water this week, Aquarius. In fact, you could feel like your bank account is dissolving faster than you can replenish it. Putting limits on your spending is an excellent idea, at least until this week’s eclipse passes. It’s creating a lot of chaos and confusion especially around money matters for you. Add to this the upcoming Venus Retrograde starting on Saturday which is also problematic for money, and you can see why self-control and budgeting is everything for you now. It doesn’t have to be as depressing as it sounds. Sometimes limits are your friend.


Love is blindness is your anthem of the week, Pisces. You’ve been feeling the emotional undercurrents of this influence for weeks already. Change has totally been on your radar and you’ve most likely been doing everything in your power to deny and resist. But alas, it’s here staring you in the face and demanding you set your sights on brand new horizons. Everything you thought you knew about who you thought you were is totally under fire now. Plus, your love life is about to throw some major curve balls your way thanks to the Venus Retrograde starting Saturday. Old lovers and crushes will find you despite your best attempts to hide.

Sherene Vismaya Schostak

Sherene Schostak, M.A. is a Jungian analyst, author and metaphysician who specializes in helping creative artists transform their addictions and creative blocks. She is a professional astrologer in private practice in San Francisco and New York City for the past eighteen years.