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Surviving Saturn’s Return

Surviving Saturn's ReturnTake it from the editors of Bust Magazine: if you’re between approximately 26 and 32, you need this book and you need it now. Surviving Saturn’s Return: Overcoming the Most Tumultuous Time of Your Life is the survival guide to your late twenties, and the only book of its kind. If you missed this vital information during your first Saturn Return and are now approaching your second (between 56 and 62 years of age) don’t miss your chance to read the bible of the Saturn Return phenomenon. Even if you’re several years away from your 30th or 60th birthday, it’s never too late (or too early) to learn how your Saturn placement dictates the highs and lows of your life.

From the Bust Review:

“A hybrid guide to astrology and self-actualization, Surviving Saturn’s Return packs a wallop for anyone approaching her 30th birthday. As the first book to detail the tumultuous impact Saturn presents during his return at this cycle of our lives, Surviving feels a much-needed niche. Well-researched and written in a fun, funky style by its expert authors, this is an addicting read for any astrology junkie. I devoured it, and was especially impressed with the companion website where readers can request more in-depth astrological chart information. This extra touch made me (a self-proclaimed natal chart spaz) quite the Saturn-savvy lady.

“After turning 30 this year, I was jaded by the many ‘Don’t feel bad about aging (you sad old thing)’ books out there, taunting me with their smug-assed platitudes. This unique book, however, couldn’t have fallen into my hands at a better time. With its uplifting central message of self-reliance, coupled with juicy astrological insights, even the most skeptical sister out there will be entertained.”Do yourself a favor. If you’re nearing your 30th and feeling a bit lost, march yourself over to the New Age aisle and pick this book up. Once Weiss and Schostak open their sweet can of zodiac whoop-ass on your Cosmo’s Bedside Astrologer, you’ll be ever so glad did.”

From the Back Cover:

The definitive guide to turning thirty . . .

Women approaching the big 3-0 have a powerful force to contend with. The panic of this age is universal — wrinkles inexorably appear, careers and relationships crash like out-of-control aircraft, and the biological clock is ticking louder than ever. This phenomenon is the Saturn Return, the first major milestone of adulthood.

Surviving Saturn’s Return is just what you need to survive this profound, provocative, and sometimes chaotic journey.

Sherene Schostak and Stefanie Iris Weiss combine their psychological and astrological expertise to teach you:

  • Where Saturn lives in your own personal chart — and where it’s headed next
  • The twelve most important lessons including how to discover your true self, when to form a plan for your future, and how to cope with relationship trauma
  • How Saturn affects career, money, love, friendship, self-esteem, and fulfillment and how to work with Saturn’s messages to improve these areas in your life
  • And more, including real-life stories culled from dozens of women before, during, and after their Saturn Returns

Surviving Saturn’s Return is the first book of its kind to answer the earth-shattering questions that arise at this quarter-life crisis. Whether you’re about to turn thirty or have already crossed the threshold, this book is a life raft in the sometimes-stormy sea of aging.

The Fate of Your Date

Surviving Saturn's ReturnIs he a loser or is he a keeper? The Fate of Your Date, the Saturn Sisters’ second book, divines the answer. In this darling, easy-to-use guide to romance, Elle UK astrologers Stefanie Iris Weiss and Sherene Schostak demystify the mystical and make ancient practices practical. Each chapter covers a time-tested metaphysical method: astrology, tarot, spell-craft, and more. Organized into sections of Before, During, and After the Date, the book outlines which practices are best used when. Work some numerology on his phone number, read his palm while holding his hand, and cast a bit of white magic to get exactly what s desired. The Fate of Your Date makes it a cinch to go forth, divine, and conquer!