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New Moon in Cancer: Some Day You Will Ache Like I Ache

New Moon in Cancer: Some Day You Will Ache Like I Ache

This emotional edgy and overly sensitive New Moon has been tweaking our nervous systems and emotional thresholds for the past few days. Emotional turbulence is a strong undercurrent and there is very little reason or rationale for many of the tidal wave of temper tantrums that have been building since Saturday. The tension between the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) continues. And thus, those are the signs most affected by this new Moon, so take note if your birthday falls into one of the above categories.

Our relationships, our family patterns, our career issues and our ego trips are all being put to serious test. Questions like: are you operating out of your highest integrity? Are you comparing yourself too much to others? Do you allow the destructive sides of competition to inhibit your progress? Do you express your anger and emotions in a constructive and direct way before resentments build? […]

Astrology’s Big Moment

Astrology’s Big Moment

[ 3 ] January 27, 2011 |

Last week the world freaked out when a Minnesota astronomer sent out a press release stating that the zodiac signs had shifted over time and, surprise, you’re not the sign you thought you were. Even more shocking, there was now a new zodiac sign — Ophiuchus.

Thanks to the power of the internet, the press release went viral and people whom I never thought would care about astrology were suddenly losing their stuff. Mainstream American news like CNN and MSNBC even devoted prime time to this allegedly new revelation. Well known astrologers like Susan Miller breathlessly went on air to refute the ill conceived press release. I fielded emails from friends and colleagues who wanted to know if it was true.

The Saturn Sisters were quick to point out in their great post on that this was a myth, but the damage was done. People were confused and indignant. And like the head of a hydra, more and more media outlets propagated the myth of the 13th sign despite attempts to clarify by the astrological community.

“So now I’m a Pisces?” an Aries sun sign incredulously asked. […]

Illuminating the 12th House: An Interview with Marguerite Manning, Karmic Astrologer

[ 5 ] November 4, 2010 |

The 12th house in astrology isn’t known for being particularly transparent. It is, after all, traditionally the house of secret sorrows and self undoings. That can’t be good, my teen-aged self once thought, especially as I looked nervously to my Mercury, Neptune, and Mars conjunction hovering above my ascendant. Secret sorrows?? How does someone, especially an astrological novice, begin to wrap their minds around something so nebulous and frankly a little bit scary?

Marguerite Manning, karmic astrologer, author, and radio show host, has turned the lights on in the 12th house to reveal the truth behind its dubious reputation. She recently connected with Empowering Astrology to discuss the origins of her work and how the 12th house actually speaks of our previous life, not some tortured future. […]