Weekly Horoscopes by the Saturn Sisters

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practice silence


Advice for the Week: Practice Silence.


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venus rx with me and katelan

Venus Retrograde 2017: She’s back and our relationships, money, boundaries and values are about to get tested in a big way. Are you ready?

As Venus moves between the alchemical fire-water terrain of:
Aries-Pisces and then back to Aries we emerge from the unconscious, self-sabotaging, illusory waters of Pisces into the primal scream of Aries. We move from victims to warrior goddesses; from self-sacrifice to self-containment; from suffering to surging!

Sherene and Katelan are joining together again to bring you the necessary magical tools!

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How to rock the room, a meeting, and your life.

Keeping your personal and creative spark alive even w hen outside world seems dark and dreary

The reading of tea leaves. Special rituals for tea time,
relaxation, and finding your fate at the bottom of the cup.

How to work with mirrors- anointing mirrors, special
symbolism, working with the mirror as ally

Moving out of negative thoughts
into the realm of imagination, creation and receptivity.





Weekly Horoscopes by the Saturn Sisters

Feb 20-26th, 2017


There’s a big cosmic story to tell this week, Aries. The first few days are rather chill, but things get positively explosive on Wednesday, when your ruler Mars, currently in your own sign, clashes with transformative Pluto. This is a put-up-or-shut-up aspect and your ego is directly involved. Try not to get caught up in what others think – just be your best self. By the weekend you’ll be totally plugged into Sunday’s massively powerful New Moon/Solar Eclipse. This hits your house of dreams, so pay close attention to them during the days leading up to the eclipse – consider writing them down.


The end of eclipse season is in sight, but you have to get through this intense week first. The first cosmic bump appears on Wednesday in the form of a square between passionate Mars and Pluto, god of transformation. This is summed up by one word, Taurus: overwhelming. By the weekend things ratchet up again, thanks to Sunday’s intense New Moon/Solar Eclipse. This is a moment of great change, but also a sense of completion for a mission you’ve been on for a few years. A lifelong dream collaboration can happen in real life within six months.


This is not a week to trifle with, Gemini. The end of eclipse season is right around the bend, but you’ve got some intense energy to contend with in the meantime. And since the Moon is in your opposite sign on Monday, you have an excellent excuse to sit back and take it easy – if at all possible. By Wednesday the intensity rises to a whole new level as Mars and Pluto clash. As you approach the weekend, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse is the main astro-story. Your professional life is hitting a crescendo within the next six months — keep rising.


This week has two main events. The first takes place on Wednesday, as passionate Mars and change-agent Pluto come to blows. Your career and one-to-one relationships can receive some kind of direct hit now, so don’t escalate tensions in either of these areas if at all possible. In fact, it would be better to wait until after the weekend — on the other side of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Sunday. This astro-event is huge news on multiple fronts, but focus on networking because that’s where the real dynamism is. Within six months you can build a big, beautiful collaborative effort.


It’s one of those weeks, Leo! Eclipse season is over by the time the week ends, but the energy is just beginning to build up as it begins. There’s another major event at midweek, so prepare yourself — Mars clashes with Pluto on Wednesday, setting people into an aggressive stance. You’re particularly affected by this because the planet of passion is currently in Aries, a fire sign like your own. Try to avoid conflict if at all possible. Sunday’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse is both the end of a chapter and the beginning of a fresh six-month phase for your career. You’re a rising star!


Prepare your body and mind for one of the most intense weeks in a long time, Virgo. You’re about to enter the portal of the final eclipse of the current cycle, and you’re right in the crosshairs. There’s no reason to worry — this transformative moment is next-leveling your life in a powerful, positive way. There’s a bump on Wednesday when Pluto and Mars clash, so just stay out of the fray when you see people acting up. Focus on your relationships and how to make them healthier, because that’s exactly what Sunday’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse is asking you to do.


Welcome to a powerful week, Libra. There are several major events on the near horizon, starting with a clash between Mars and Pluto on Wednesday. This one hits your relationships, and it can cause stress and strife if you don’t aim for extra diplomacy in all kinds of partnerships. Once you get on the other side of that aspect, the intensity of Sunday’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse begins to set in. This astro-phase is several years in the making, and this is the final event of the series. It’s about getting your work/health in perfect alignment, as well as your body and mind.


It’s not an average week, Scorpio, so don’t expect average developments. The biggest news for you is that Pluto and Mars — your ruling planets — are clashing hard on Wednesday. You’ll feel this one as early as Monday, so do all you can to avoid stress and conflict. If you’re on edge, aim for calming techniques like deep breathing, meditation, yoga, and soothing herbal teas. As soon as the dust clears, you’re deep in the energetic window of Sunday’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your romance/creativity zone. Something amazing and totally different is coming to this area of your life within the next six months.


Gird your loins for a week of intensity, Sagittarius! A powerful clash between passionate Mars and transformative Pluto comes on Wednesday, but the tensions can rise 24 to 48 hours in advance. People are on edge now, including you. The flip side of this tense aspect is that it can activate a brilliant creative plan — so focus on ideas, not enemies. Soon after the intensity lifts, you’ll begin to dip into the energy emanating from Sunday’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces. You’ve been working on resolving old, early childhood issues and conflicts with family for several years — and now you’re getting a clean slate.


This is not a week for the faint of heart, Capricorn — but luckily no one would ever mistake you for a weakling. On Wednesday Mars, the planet of passion, clashes with Pluto, the planet of deep transformation and raw power. Because Pluto has been in your own sign for a number of years, you’re intimately acquainted with his energy, so you know that you must stay out of the way volatile people until the dust clears. Next up, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse (exact on Sunday) wakes up your house of communication. During the next six months, you’ll have a whole new means of self-expression.


There are many moving parts to this crazy week, so keep your wits about you, Aquarius. First up is the intense clash between powerful Pluto and passionate Mars, happening on Wednesday. Your cool, calm, collected persona will be in demand as everyone around you seems to lose their mind in an instant. Stay away from angry people if at all possible. Right after this aspect begins to fade, the energy of Sunday’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse begins to set in. This eclipse, the last in a series, hits your house of money and security. In the next six months you can achieve major financial goals.


The final eclipse in a series that’s rocked your world for the last few years is here at the end of the week — prepare your body, mind and soul for healing and release. Before that happens you have to contend with an astro-flashpoint — a volatile square between Mars and Pluto on Wednesday. Survive that and then focus solely on the magnificent, transformational power of your own personal eclipse. The way people see you is totally shifting during the next six months, Pisces, but if you focus on the way you see yourself, everything you’ve ever wanted can be yours.

Sherene Vismaya Schostak

Sherene Schostak, M.A. is a Jungian analyst, author and metaphysician who specializes in helping creative artists transform their addictions and creative blocks. She is a professional astrologer in private practice in San Francisco and New York City for the past eighteen years. http://sherenevismaya.com/.