Weekly Horoscopes for the week of April 3rd, 2017

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Venus Retrogrades back into Pisces this week! Here is more info on the transition:



Weekly April 3-9,  2017


There’s so much going on in the stars this week that you might not feel like you have time to catch your breath, Aries. Retrogrades are the big story – an unusually large amount of planets will be running in reverse. Jupiter and Venus are already retrograde, but on Thursday, Saturn turns around. And then, drum roll…. On Sunday Mercury goes retrograde for the second time this year. You’ll begin to feel the messy, chaotic vibe all the way at the beginning of the week. It’s hitting your money house through early May, so get your finances in ship-shape before it begins.


This is the week to slow your roll as much as humanly possible, Taurus. Not only are Jupiter and your ruler Venus already retrograde, but Saturn joins them on Thursday. The biggest headline in your own personal cosmic newspaper is Mercury Retrograde, starting on Sunday. The communication planet always comes with a ten-day shadow period, so you’ll feel this one as soon as the workweek begins. Furthermore, this is a particularly huge deal for you because Mercury is in your OWN sign right now. Don’t be consumed by chaos – use the time between now and early May to retreat, revise, and restore your soul.


Get ready, Gemini – Mercury is going retrograde AGAIN! It doesn’t happen until Sunday, but because the communication planet rules your horoscope, you’ll feel it as soon as the workweek starts. Not only that, but it may feel like literally everything is going backwards, thanks to a coterie of retrograde planets. Jupiter and Venus are already moving backwards, and Saturn joins them on Thursday. If you can manage to simply stand still instead of going in reverse, you’ll be way ahead. Use the next three weeks to fine-tune your life mission instead of freaking out over anything that gets lost or broken.


Welcome to Retrograde Central! Not only is Mercury, the usual suspect, starting a three-week backward phase on Sunday, but a bunch of other planets are joining the party. Jupiter and Venus are already retrograde as the week begins, and Saturn turns around on Thursday. Don’t hyperventilate, Cancer – prepare in advance. With Mercury moving through your house of goals and friends, it’s the perfect time to re-vision your current collaborations. If a project needs to be tweaked, the next three weeks bring the best possible time to tinker and perfect. The more you slow down and reflect, the better the results will be.

Don’t jump ahead, Leo. You won’t really be able to this week, with so many planets in retrograde. Jupiter and Venus are already in backwards motion as the week begins, and Saturn stations on Thursday, slowing down your creative plans (trust that this is a temporary yet positive development.) The big news is that Mercury, the planet of communication and thinking, goes retrograde on Sunday. Yet this influence is so palpable that you’ll feel it as early as Monday, especially with respect to your professional life. Use the next three weeks to slow down and refine your major career goals.


Take a deep breath and exhale slowly, Virgo: retrograde season is upon us. And it’s not any ordinary one at that – a whole slew of planets are moving slowly backwards, not just your ruler. The slowdown is already clear at the start of the week, as Jupiter and Venus have been retrograde for weeks. Saturn turns around on Thursday, to be followed by Mercury on Sunday. Take the usual precautions with data and backups. Over the next three weeks, pay close attention to your travel schedule. You’re rethinking your worldview now, and getting closer to a philosophy that is both meaningful and practical.


The stars are slow, sloppy, and slouching toward mayhem this week. Try not to let it drive you bonkers, Libra. Not only is your ruler Venus still at it, but Jupiter is retrograde, and Saturn turns around on Thursday. But the planet driving us all over the edge is, of course, Mercury. His second retrograde of the year begins on Sunday and you’ll feel it as soon as the workweek begins to unfold. This can bring a deep transformation for your most intimate relationships over the next few weeks, along with a few bumps in the road, especially when it come to love and sex.


Retrograde season is upon us, and it’s FULL ON this week. Both love planet Venus and luck planet Jupiter are already in backwards motion, and on Thursday Saturn follows suit. Then Mercury, the planet we’re most familiar with (in terms of retro phases) stations on Sunday. The communication planet will be retrograde in your relationship zone for three weeks, so prepare to do some hardcore thinking about past partnerships. This review period may be challenging, but it will only make you stronger and smarter as you move forward into your current (or future) one-to-one relationships. This applies to both personal and professional partnerships.


If it seems like entire universe is acting totally bonkers, blame it on the stars: half the solar system is retrograde this week. Jupiter (your ruling planet) is already retrograde along with love planet Venus. On Thursday Saturn (currently in your sign) follows suit. And that’s the least of it, Sadge, because Mercury goes retrograde on Sunday, throwing travel and communication into a tailspin all week long. Expect to feel out of sorts through early May, especially when it comes to work and daily scheduling. The upshot is that you can finally get organized and back in control of your calendar.


Retrograde season has arrived and it is NOT JOKING this time, Capricorn. That’s because it’s not just the usual planetary suspect going backwards – a whole bunch of others are joining the party, making life seem a whole lot messier than it typically does. Jupiter and Venus are already in retrograde as the week begins, and your ruler Saturn follows them on Thursday. But what you’re really feeling in your daily life is Mercury Retrograde (the most infamous of the lot) starting on Sunday. Note that you’ll begin to experience breakdowns and dropped calls as early as Monday. Pay close attention your creative life: something is percolating.


If it feels like everything is going backwards or just totally stopping short, it’s because a gaggle of planets are either already in retrograde or about to begin moving in reverse. Count Venus and Jupiter in the already there file, and add Saturn to the mix on Thursday. The biggest story, as per usual, is Mercury Retrograde, beginning on Sunday. You’ll be able to feel this as soon as the week begins, and it will last through early May. It’s an excellent time to attend to fixing domestic issues – both toxic family patterns and the brass tacks of your home.


If it feels like you’re moving backwards and upside down at the same time, welcome to the first full week of April: it’s retrograde madness. Venus and Jupiter are already retrograde and Saturn follows them on Thursday. If that isn’t enough, Mercury joins the party on Sunday, starting its second retrograde of 2017. Over the next three weeks or so, be wary of communication gone awry, because no matter what you mean to say, people will surely hear something else entirely. This goes for texts and emails as well. In fact, if you have anything important to do discuss, do it in person.

Sherene Vismaya Schostak

Sherene Schostak, M.A. is a Jungian analyst, author and metaphysician who specializes in helping creative artists transform their addictions and creative blocks. She is a professional astrologer in private practice in San Francisco and New York City for the past eighteen years. http://sherenevismaya.com/.