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“I just want to thank you both for all the amazing revelations I have experienced since first reading your book “Surviving Saturn’s Return” a few years ago, before mine officially began . . . . I have absolutely no hesitation in sharing your books, website, and blogs with my friends, many of which have reached their own returns with just as much confusion as I had started with.” From Yamina. February 19, 2011

“Love waking up to updates from @Saturnsisters. Follow them [on Twitter] for a little astrological magick in your life.” From Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas. July 17, 2010

“I just started my Saturn Return this year, and [your] book was a beacon in a dark time.” From Annie. July 2, 2010

“This is such an amazing chart! It is so much more involved and in depth than I really expected it to be. And SO accurate, I am just floored at the accuracy of the placements and the way they have been interpreted. Thank You!” From Sarah. May 19, 2010

“I read your book about 6 months ago when I thought I was having a nervous breakdown but a trusted source mentioned as a matter of fact that it was just my saturn returning. I have recommended your book to so many of my friends and even my mom! Thanks so much your book saved my life!!!” From Evangeline. October 8, 2008

“I just love your services and have recommended you to my friends! This whole astrological thing is very new to me, and because of your very detailed report and just responding to my questions I feel like I am understanding this whole thing much better.” From Daniela. May 14, 2008

“Surviving Saturn’s Return” has really helped me. My Sun is in Leo and everything went weird from August 2005. I felt i was living two lives, my boring work life and my artistic hobby life. If only I had got your book then! After reading the chapter on Leo in your book, I realised I just had to get on with it, and give more kudos to my creative work. And the universe has given me so much more back — I’ve got my first paid freelance film making job for a major gallery in London and am setting up an exciting clothing label. The future seems exciting again and the fog has cleared!

“I wouldn’t have made these big steps without reading your book so just had to write. Your book gave me confidence to take a chance. I’m actually looking forward to when Saturn comes back for my proper Saturn’s Return (in Libra) because even though it may get messy I’m sure good things will come out of it in the end. At least this time I’ll know what to look out for! So thanks again for an amazing book, it really does help change lives!” From Sarah in London. March 30, 2008

“I read your book. SAVED MY SANITY and changed my life. Thank you!” From Deina. January 14, 2008

“Discovering your book was one of the many beautiful gifts of the universe I was given in my time of greatest need. I felt like I was losing control of myself that I didn’t recognize myself and nothing about myself was secure. I didn’t know who or what I truly liked or hated anymore. I thought I was going crazy and way too young for a mid-life crisis. About the time that I began spiraling even further down as I was packing to move I had left out 1 CD that I had never listened to before but had felt inspired to keep out for my packing. It was No Doubt’s “Return of Saturn”. Another beautiful gift. A good friend then felt inspired to call me. She asked me if I was close to my Saturn’s return? I didn’t know what that was but it was the name of the album I was listening too. I read the insert and Gwen the singer had read about Saturn’s Return and felt it had reflected her musical journey so much she named her album after it. I called my favorite aunt, a retired astrologist and she did my chart and explained the process to me over the phone. I next found your book on and overnighted it. The comfort that I felt reading and preparing for a frightening yet illuminating time is indescribable. Awareness is everything. Knowledge is power. From that moment on Saturn ceased to happen to me and instead I became a active participant in it’s return. It wasn’t pretty but I was given the tools to face it bravely and partake of it’s lessons with a knowledge there was an end in sight. I truly enjoy the person I have become since the return and facing my fears and weaknesses help me actualize what I really most wanted and yearned for at my core. Thank you! I recommend and even offer to buy this book for every friend and family member I know that will be going through this necessary cycle.” From Jen. September 17, 2006

“29.5 years you say . . . that was yesterday. So here I am, repeating patterns, inner strife, angst and turmoil; in the middle of moving homes (became a landlord) I am let-go at work, for the first-time ever, my email address is changed, my phone number (linked to the company blackberry) is also changing and the female I was seeing (we were both repeat performances of previous relationships) suddenly clarifies the incompatibility between us. Change, challenge, strife and life! That’s Saturn Return, alright. From “Leo Rising”. August 20, 2006

“I can breathe. I thought really truly thought there was something wrong with me, my mind was clouded, my body tight and scared. I’ve never been so afraid! Thank you both for the knowledge and understanding you’ve given me.” From Danielle. July 27, 2005

“If only I came across this gift prior to the commencement of Saturn’s Return. I could have saved myself 18 months of pure agony and torture; many times where I thought something had seriously become wrong with me. As I crawl out of this period, I begin to find myself again beneath this cloak of horror Saturn has had me wear during this time. I am emerging more strong albeit it rather depleted. Read this book of knowledge; don’t even question it. Share it with your friends and others who are about to ‘hit it’ — they’ll truly thank you after this storm passes. And when the storm does pass, begin to prepare yourself cognitively for the next.” From Sam. April 4, 2005

“In my recent interest and exploration of the Saturn Returns theory, yours is the most comprehensive and lucid description that I have ever read. Thank you for providing us with a deep understanding of why we have to confront our fears so that we may learn our lessons to better ourselves and our world. Insightful, helpful, powerful and enlightening. I loved every word.” From Gisella. February 22, 2004

“The circumstances that caused me to purchase Surviving Saturn’s Return are amazing and could only be rationalized by saying that I was led to it by unknown forces. Although my family has always studied astrology, numerology and things of that nature, the Saturn Return was unknown territory. I am one of those gals that Saturn had to insert the firecracker in my *ss and let it go off. It was the only way, but man does it get dark. This book is a very big tool in my collection of ways to understand what and why these darkest life changing events are in my path. I almost lost my spirit, knowingly. Any more books or resources out there to help me maintain strength and focus? I am known for giving in out of fear, guilt and false security. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK! YOU MAY HAVE SAVED MY SANITY AND AT THE LEAST MY SOUL.” From Pamela. January 31, 2004